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Blood Thanksgiving

Blood Thanksgiving is an annual festival of the Cambions, demon-human hybrids, which takes place during the Autumn Equinox. It is a time when it's the easiest for the demons to pass from Hell to Earth. During the ritual demons collect a tithe from Cambions. As the tithe they take 3 Cambions. Among the Cambions, being taken as tithe is the highest possible honour.


Blood Thanksgiving goes back to the medieval period when Cambions were hunted by humans. The Catholic Church was saying that allowing the spawn of demons to live among humans is the reason for all bad things that happened to humanity. As a result Cambions were almost completely wiped out and turned to the demons for help. The demons agreed, but had one condition. Three Cambions had to give them their demonic essence. Cambions were desperate so they agreed. When the demonic essence were taken the three Cambions fell lifeless. Demons kept their promise and helped Cambions to hide themselves. In order to thank the demons for help and remember the sacrifice of the three the Blood Thanksgiving is celebrated every year during the Autumn Equinox when it is the easiest for demons to cross to Earth.


Cambions meet after sunset on the Autumn Equinox. Traditionally, the Blood Thanksgiving takes place on a clearing in a forest, but in the modern times it can also take place in any other secluded place. As long as nobody from outside the community is able to see the ritual the place is suitable. The ritual starts with lighting a fire to which everyone present adds a drop of their blood. It is said that this action doesn't create Bloodfire, because the fire isn't magical and Cambions don't have an intention of creating it. When everybody drops their blood all participants recite the incantation.


In this hellish night, come to us, our lords and accept this tithe
Always comes only one demon, The Emissary, who tastes the blood of every present Cambion and chooses the three best ones. Next, The Emissary extracts the human essence from the chosen and takes the demonic essence to Hell. The human essence is left as lifeless bodies.
In the final part of the ritual the human bodies of the chosen are burnt.

All adult Cambions from the local community. Children not allowed.

The Emissary

The Emissary is a higher demon with a female form and the guardian of Cambions. During the Autumn Equinox she has an ability to appear on Earth in multiple places. That allows her to collect the tithe from every Cambion community.

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