Juvenalia is an annual holiday for university students in the F.R.E.E..


Juvenalia have its beginning in the city of Cracow where a student festival was celebrated already in the 15th century. Throughout the centuries it evolved together with the way how students spend their free time. There always were differences between Juvenalia at non-magical and magical univeristies. At the magical universities students always use magic in order to make it more fun. Some people say that most crazy ideas come from magical Juvenalia.


Today, Juvenalia lasts for about 3-4 days when there are many concerts, parties, sport events and beer drinking. There is a basic structure signifiying what to do when, but otherwise it is do what you want. Beer is present during every part of Juvenalia. People drink during concerts, sport events and between events.

Events at magic universities

Magic Beer Pong

Despite the name it has almost nothing to do with traditional beer pong, execpt for the beer. Competitors stay a few meters from each other and each one has a target shield. They have to hit the opponent's shield with a magical projectile (type decided before the game). If they miss, they drink Mage Beer. Who drinks more by the end of the game, loses.

Magic Race

A race in which comeptitors use magic to move. All tricks are allowed. They can fly, enhance their speed and even teleport. The only rule is that they can't use magic which would take away any chance of their competitors to win.

Components and tools

Usually there is one stage on which musicians perform and there are foodstalls around it. At most universities beer is distributed from small carts which can be concentrated in one place or scattered throughout the area of Juvenalia.

Mage Beer

Mage Beer is a recent invention of the students of WAMA. It is a normal beer you can buy at a shop, but enhanced with magic. First, an enhanced taste potion is added. Next step is adding a little bit of vodka. The last step is cooling it with magic (it is faster than non-magical cooling). While drinking it you feel the taste of both pure beer and pure vodka. It is the result of the enhanced taste potion. The potion strengthens both tastes making it impossible for them to blend together. Mage Beer has a high alcohol content.


Students are the main participants of Juvenalia, but often they invite their friends from outside the university. Some lecturers, especially the younger ones, also take part in the event. During any Juvenalia the most important person is the chairperson of the Students' Union, which is the organizer of the festival.


Juvenalia usually takes place in May, just before the summer exams. Sometimes it happens in the beginning of June. It usually lasts for 3-4 days during which there are no lectures or any other lessons.

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