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The Wildlands

  The Wildlands is the biggest region of all, it is very inhospitable and barely any of the land has been claimed or conquered by any kingdom nor empire. These lands are less traveled, and definitely not without proper guidance nor protection. With great risk comes great rewards, this is often why people travel through the Wildlands.   The people of the Wildlands have a reputation of being dangerous and mostly lawless, it is advised to never trust anyone whom you meet while in the Wildlands. Some people do somewhat pity the ones whom have to share their land with orcs, wild beast and the odd giant.  


  The Wildlands stretches from the Dragon lands south to the Riverlands, past the dwarven empire, past the gnomes and further west to the Kingdom of Eldor. It continues north past the desert and further to the elven empire, it is central and keeps every kingdom and empire separated by miles upon miles of wasteland. Every type of inhospitable terrain can be found in the Wildlands, from dangerous and eerie swamps, to dry and windy deserts.

Fauna & Flora

  Among the more traveled paths nothing too dangerous nor interesting grows, but for the few who have ventured into the swaps quite different stories have been told. Stories of adventuring parties tasked with exploring the swamps, and only few returning bruised and some even blind. Signs of posions plants and troll attacks have been the most plus-able stories so far. So if you venture in the Wildlands be on the lookout for than just a Goblin, otherwise while not looking an innocent plant might get the best of you.  

Natural Resources

  Rumours talk of rivers of gold, forgotten treasures and relics of old. Most people don't believe the stories and instead agree that the lands may hold many resources, it is bound to have some due to the sheer size of the region alone.  
Alternative Name(s)
The Wilds, The Savage Lands

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