212 EoL

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In the beginning there was chaos. Within the chaos, elements, planes, worlds and more would constantly be created and vanish. Only, when Mael and An came into being, they did not die out. They resisted, and merged together to escape the chaos. Thus, the world of Maelan and it's connected multiverse was created.   At the center of it all was the Prime Material, representing the strongest bond between the two primordial forces. The more you move away from the Prime Material, the weaker the bond gets, and the more individual aspects of Mael and An define the landscapes. Their blood, the Astral Sea, binds it all together.   The Astral Sea even connects back to the chaos, which in turn needed to bend to Maelan's will and take form. And thus, the Abyss came into being, an entrance way into the eternal maelstorm that is chaos. The denizens of the Abyss seek to tear the Prime Material apart to return the multiverse back into the chaos.   Aerin serves as the last line of defense of the Prime Material in case the Abyss breaks through. As such his entire existence is spent preparing for that one eventuality.   ~ Book of Origin, chapter 1, light 1.