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The Riva Plains


The Riva Plains are flatlands with very limited and very small hills and no forestation. It's main geographical feature other than being flat is the giant river cutting the Plains in two. This river known as the Mother River by the Krorine, goes from the northern sea to the Marshlands south of the Plains. It is the longest and widest river on Convera, and it is the source of many nutrients that can be found in the soil.  The Mother River also feeds into smaller creeks and streams that snake across the Plains- though they are much smaller and are prone to going dry during a drought.


The Riva Plains was the traditional home of the Krorine people.  It was unlikely to find Krorine other than on the Riva Plains, as once a Krorine leaves the Plains, they are exiled and never able to return.  The Tribes of the Krorine divided the Plains into 19 different regions, with the Mother River dividing the Plains into two regions- west and east.
Alternative Name(s)
Land of the Krorine
Location under
Related Ethnicities

Notable Residents:

  • Champion Asteria
  • Alexandros of the Krorine     

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