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Champion Kajika

Champion Kajika

    There was a sad look in his eyes.  The one that took one far away, lost in the fields of memory. Asteria wondered what Master Yahto was thinking, what memories he recalled of Champion Kajika.  Was it of his great deeds, or of when he was Yahto's brother, and only that?
"Champion Kajika, my brother," he responded slowly, "Was a good Ehir.  A good Champion.  But not even he would undo generations of damage done by previous Champions.  That, my dear, falls on you.  To continue their legacy, to continue to build what he created the foundations of.  And that will be your legacy."
"To carry on what he did?"  Asteria muttered.
He nodded.  "It's the only path that does not result in war and destruction.  One day, you will see."    
-Champion Asteria, Book of Asteria

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Champion Kajika was very tall, even for an Ehir, with dark thick bark for skin and dark eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Champion Kajika was born in the Kiston colony of the Basera Forest.  He was raised by his father, Consul Remus, who governed the body of laborers in the colony, along with his younger brother Yahto.  Champion Kajika lived a generally peaceful childhood, though it was known that the boy had the spark of magic in him, and would sometimes heal small wounds by drawing magic from the trees of the Basera Forest, as these trees could create wands.           When he was 20 years old (or 20 snows, as the Ehir would say), Kajika and the other other young men and women of the colony were presented to the Mothers.  The Mothers are mothers to all of the colony, and their leaders.  It was their responsibility to determine the path of each young Ehir that reached 20 snows.  Kajika's father hoped he would become a Consul like him, while Kajika was unsure.  Unlike presentations of the past, the Lords of Peace- Mages sworn to find and collect all potential Champions- were there to witness it.       Kajika never became the Consul his father hoped for, but was identified by those the Mothers and the Lords of Peace as a potential Champion.  Kajika, along with the other Ehir boys from all other colonies determined to be potentials.  Along with those young men, Kajika competed in the Trials of the Champion.  He emerged as the new Champion- however, his work would not be easy.       Champion Kajika inherited a mantle with a tarnished image- as many had not forgotten Champion Isleen who had started the Yuera-Dromaid War five generations back, and the previous Champion, Champion Narah, died while creating a storm off the coast of Dromaid territory.  It is one of the biggest storms recorded, and also recurs each summer.  Many were wary of the Champion, unsure if the peace and unity the Champion supposedly represented was actually the Champion's agenda.       Alongside his brother Yahto, who became a Mage of the Champion, he would spend the rest of his life attempting to repair the bond between the people of the two continents and the Champion.  During his time as Champion, there were no wars or major conflicts; but mistrust grew.  During his time, the religion of the One God was born and slowly grew properly over the decades.  After his death, the religion gained political standing and influence until Champion Kajika's successor, Champion Asteria ascended to the title.      Champion Kajika died of old age on The Islands of the Mages, his brother next to him.  He lived on through his brother and his two children.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Compared to many other Champions, Champion Kajika's time was quiet.  There were never any major conflicts or wars, giving them time to rebuild the trust lost during pervious generations.


Champion Asteria

Successor (Important)

Towards Champion Kajika



Champion Kajika

Predecessor (Important)

Towards Champion Asteria




Champion Kauis serves as a mentor for Asteria, as he is her predecessor. When Champion Asteria needs advice, she will often mediate to contact Champion Kauis

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Champion of Peace
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
153 B.R.C 57 B.R.C 96 years old
Circumstances of Death
Old age
Place of Death
The Islands of the Mages
Dark- nearly black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark brown bark
240 lb
Aligned Organization

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