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Champion Isleen

The Champion that caused the Yuera-Dromaid War

Champion Isleen Bellsong (a.k.a. Izzie)

“Please, just listen to what I have to say,” Valarian stepped closer to her. “I know you have your duties, and I have mine, but I will never forgive myself if I never say these words to you.”
“And what are they?”
“That I could not exist without you,” Valarian took her hand, “That you now own my heart, and if you walk away, you shall always have it. For my entire life, I have put my duty first, my family first, my kingdom first before my desires. Now, I cannot make those responsibilities first, because you are my first and only thought, the only desire I have ever wanted, and it burns in me like dragon fire. But I understand who you are, what your title as Champion means. If you do not have the same spark I have for you, then I shall pretend it was never there.”
Isleen chewed her lip. “I was raised to put my family first. We all thought that meant marry up, but when I learned I could become the Champion, and when I won the trial, that duty became being Champion. What I want was never a question.”
“But it is one I am asking. Do you love me, as I love you?”
Isleen fidgeted, “It’s not that simple. For you, men will congratulate you for wooing the Champion, but for me I will scorned and my name will be tainted. When they teach future generations of Champion Isleen, they will say I should have never become Champion. One day, we shall die, but people like us are never forgotten. I have to ensure my legacy is sound and does not damage my family.”
“It is simple,” Valarian stepped forward, coming face to face with her. His breath was warm against her skin. “If I kissed you, would you push me away?”

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Champion Isleen was considered to be quite beautiful, and to be one of the most beautiful women of Viare.  She was also healthy, with no known abnormalities or conditions.

Body Features

Champion Isleen was quite thin, and not very muscular.  She had a straight figure that many of the young women around her admired and envied.

Facial Features

Champion Isleen had a symmetrical face, along with pale blue eyes and golden hair.  She had the desired facial features of the time- thin lips and expressive eyes and eyebrows.

Identifying Characteristics

On her shoulder, she had the Champion's Mark- a hollow circle. Almost tattoo like in appearance, it is a birthmark that marked her as Champion after the Trials of the Champion.

Special abilities

  • Magic of the Champion 

Apparel & Accessories

Being of the upper class, Isleen was often seen in fine livery.  She mostly wore dresses that befit the styles of the time- narrow dresses with Empire waists in popular colours such as purple and blue.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Isleen Bellsong was born the second child and only daughter of the Lord and Lady Bellsong.  The Bellsongs were an ancient and wealthy family of Mortia.  She had an older brother Albert, who became the Lord Bellsong after their father's death.    Isleen grew up with no worry about survival.  She received a noble's education, and was taught to read, write, and play music.  When she became old enough, it was expected that she would marry into another noble family.  However, that changed when the Lords of Peace of The Mages of the Champion came to find all potential Champions.  When they came to her family's estate, they found the mark of a potential Champion on her shoulder.         Though her family attempted to avoid her fate, Isleen went with the Lords of Peace to the Gathering.  There, she underwent the trials and emerged as the new Champion.  For the next 3 years, Isleen underwent training to gain control of her new power, and her new position.  Though, as a noble's daughter, Isleen had experience with handling the social aspects of being Champion, and it was something she thrived on.      Nearly 4 years after entering society as the Champion, Isleen and the other mages attended the Tourney of Dragons, where members of the Dromaid Royal family competed to determine who was the best Dragon rider.  This is when she meet the crown prince Valarian.  The two were smitten with each other; however this union was highly protested against by those who knew or suspected.  If they married, it would create a conflict of interest for Isleen, as she would one day become Dragon Empress along side Valarian, but would be Champion.  Her neutrality would be compromised.      The pair attempted to marry the following year, but the Yuera heard of the intended union and thought of this as an act of war.  With a Champion married into the Dromaid Royal family, the Yuera worried that the Royal Family would gain more power and start a war against them- their long time enemy.     Along with trade conflicts escalating tension between the two peoples, the Yuera demanded the marriage be broken, citing that it broke the neutrality the Champion was bound to uphold.  However, Valarian refused to give up his bride, and led the Dromaid against the Yuera to war.     Champion Isleen attempted to stop the fighting, however she too refused to break the marriage, and was already carrying the next heir of the Dromaid Empire.  This caused The Mages of the Champion to turn their backs to her, declaring her unfit to be Champion as she failed to uphold the values that all Champions previous upheld- all the way back to Champion Aurora, the one who created those ideals and rules for the Champions to follow.  Champion Isleen went into hiding for the next year.   Eventually, Yuera allies found her and her son.  Both were killed, her in hopes that a new Champion would be found and trained, and her son in fear of what a child of a Champion and a Dragon Prince could and would do.  Their deaths caused her husband, Prince Valarian to attack the Yuera in grief, and shortly afterwards, he too lost his life in battle.   The war Champion Isleen and Prince Valarian lasted another 3 generations, causing the premature death of another Champion, the fall of the Dragon Empire, and the war they created spread all across Viare and Convera




Isleen received a traditional noble's education.  On the Island of the Mages, she learned how to harness the Champion's Magic.  She rarely used it though, refusing to use it unless she had to.

Failures & Embarrassments

Champion Isleen is most known for her part in causing the Yuera-Dromaid War.  Considering how short her time as Champion was, she never had time to achieve anything else.

Personality Characteristics


Since she was a young girl, her main motivation was securing herself a comfortable and privileged future and not disappointing her family.  When she became Champion, she no longer had to worry about her having a future- only in ensuring that it remained stable and comfortable.  Admittedly, Champion Isleen had never had an interest in her duties in Champion, but did them to ensure she did not shame herself and her family by failing her duties as Champion.     It wasn't until she met Prince Valarian when she did something for herself instead of her family or the title she carried-love.


Family Ties

Until her marriage to Prince Valarian, Champion Isleen was strongly connected her family, the Bellsongs.  When she married the Prince, her brother who was the current Lord Bellsong, denounced her, calling her a warmonger and a foolish girl for causing the Yuera-Dromaid War.     Afterwards, she was connected to the Dromaid Royal Family until the family's fall.

Social Aptitude

Champion Isleen was always looking for events to attend, and often could not stay isolated on the Island of Mages for very long after her training was complete.  Before the war, many said she was the life in the room, always drawing attention to her, even before she became the Champion.


Champion Isleen was very controlled of her mannerisms, always ensuring to act properly as a lady and Champion should.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The One who caused the War
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated by the Yuera and their allies
Light blue, pale
Golden blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale skin
100 lb
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
As part of her training as Champion, Isleen was taught the major languages of each continent.


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