Wyat Farrissy

Commander Wyat Farrissy

Wyat Farrissy is the Commander of the Royal Guard of Juventius, the small elite guard in charge of the protection of the Manirex of Juventius, presently Herius Rennius.   Wyat was born to a Ysefin merchant family in Juventius City in YP686 (3209 YSB his parents being one of many families who left their traditional villages and migrated to the city during the 600s. They found success initially as retailers and later as importers of fine porcelain from the Liang Imperiacy.   Wyat was identified as of minor magical capacity at age 13 and trained as an enchanter. He joined the family business after completing enchanting training at age 17, helping his family add enchanted porcelain to their lines - such as self-cooling cups.   During the Naeuan-Juventian War of 709, 23 year old Wyat left his family's business to help in the war effort as a weapons enchanter. Following the war’s completion in 711, Wyat transferred to the Royal Guard as an enchanter. He was taken under the wing of Royal Guard Commander Sellic Clovus, who suggested he pursue a command career.   Wyat successfully rose in the ranks of the royal guard at an unprecedented rate, noted for his keen intelligence and outside perspective on security compared to Suran Juventians, and upon Sellic’s retirement in 716 he was selected as his replacement by the Manirex.   (#Play4Wyatt)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Athletic; fairly lithe.

Body Features

Pale skin, wears his hair long.

Facial Features

Rounded face, tapered chin.

Special abilities

Enchanter, specialising in ice magic.

Apparel & Accessories

Uniform of the Royal Guard; black and white tunic, orange highlights.

Mental characteristics


Graduate of the Collegium of the Arcane, Juventius City.


Hobbies & Pets

Collector of statues of legendary figures.

Wealth & Financial state

Wyat owns a country villa in Iuniasus province, and a small apartment in Juventius City.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Commander of the Royal Guard
Biological Sex
Light ginger to platinum.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Ysefin, Juventian.


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