The Last Hunt

The Book of Prophecy

The Last Hunt is a prophetic book written in 102 YSB by the Ryseum Scribe. It contains a proclamation of the author's status as seer of Farnard, the Divine of Time, and describes the events of the end of existence when Guamata descends upon reality. Its author's identity is never given.

Though a small book, it has become one of the most controversial texts in the history of Macalgra. It is taken as the word of the gods by some cults, but also seen as heresy by the Temple of the One and Six Gods and other major religions. It was banned in the Sura Empire in 2571 YSB as heretical, while it is considered the holiest text of the worship of Atena Yegan in Curaslin.



The book opens with a recount of the author's encounter with Farnard, Divine of Time, who dictates to him to write a book of prophecy. An excerpt is included, apparently the words of Farnard, about the nature of time.

Following this a shortened form of story of The Creation of the World is included. Theories on Guamata's nature are debated and then the author begins to recount the prophecy given to him by Farnard. In the end of time Guamata shall destroy the Serpent of the Moon's wall around reality.

From their slumber shall rise the Nameless First Dragon and other forgotten gods, and the Nameless First Dragon shall lead Dragonkind up to war. Frugi will lead the souls of the mortals in her chariot, accompanied by The Divines, spirits, familiars and other creatures of power. In the ensuing clash, Macalgra will be sundered into pieces by Guamata.  

Many Divines and mortals will be destroyed, and the author notes that Farnard only provided some definitive answers as to which Divines; that the Serpent of the Moon shall fall first, Samapkar second, and that Guamata shall consume the power of Arven, destroying the sun.   Atena Yegan will lead the souls of Cura out of the battle, and the Dweller in the Lake will be destroyed by Guamata when he tries to kill Frugi with a star and misses. As the darkness consumes the stars, the tide of battle will turn against the gods and Ramio will be destroyed. Many of the gods, routed, will flee into the Void to unknown fates. The author notes that Farnard's prophecy does not extend into the Void's sphere of influence.   Finally, Frugi will rally the last of the Gods and makes a last stand against the darkness. They expend their power to lock Guamata out of the universe a second time and many of the gods will be extinguished. Those who remain will create a new world out of the fragments of Macalgra and place upon it two of each species to repopulate, before fading - all their power spent. Farnard calls this the Time Beyond Gods.

It was said in the beginning of time by Farnard's prophecy that at the end of time, when the sands finally cease their trickle, the claws of Guamata shall sunder our fair world. Rising from their deaths every god shall be summoned, and against the first god, the oldest god, shall turn all magic.

Across the cosmos the flames of souls shall burn as bright as in their first moment, like torches before a great storm, and then gone with just a gust. And through the fields of death shall ride shadows with malevolent form, upon dead stars as their steeds.

When the last bell of Farnard echoes across the planes, upon its fading toll the host shall rise, all creatures called to Frugi's side and so begins the Last Hunt.


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