His Divinity Shari Kertus Salonia

Shari Kertus Salonia is the 128th and presently ruling Uhmumanshah of the Sura Empire. Shari ascended to the throne at just age nineteen upon the death of his father Kertius Tabon in 3233.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Shari wears the tradition dress of Suran Emperors. A embroidered dark grey undershirt inlaid with holy symbols; over which is worn lose grey robes, wrapped around the body, and the loose fabric pinned at the shoulder with a Vis-crystal brooch. His chosen crown is the Circlet of the Rivers, a bronze circlet with a set of three Vis crystals.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Shari was born in 3214 to Kertus Tabon, who was 38 at his birth. His mother died of the Zati Pox a year after his birth,


Shari was educated by private tutors at the Royal Palace.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Him of Divine Blood, the Uhmumanshah of Sura and of Senet’tu, Soulholder of the Great Surah, Eadshah of Bakieh, Greater Victellus, Priscian, Sarimarcus and Maecenus, Lord of the Great Plains and the Ice of the North, Defender of the Honour of the Gods, the Sea Conqueror, Akem of the Seventeen Cities, et al.
Year of Birth
3214 YSB 19 Years old
Sura City, Sura
Current Residence
Imperial Palace of Ryseum
Biological Sex
Shari is publicly homosexual.
Dark green
Black with a white streak, shaved on sides, gathering at the back in a braid
Aligned Organization
Sura Empire


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