Nobility of Juventius

Juventius is not a massive kingdom. It rules only the fertile plains around the city proper, a few hundred kilometres. It is divided into a number of provinces, ruled by governors appointed by the King - who are often representatives of the most prominent local noble family. Some nobles, mostly those descended from distinguished generals of past ages, oversee the border lands, living in a different world to the soft nobles of the inner territories. A life of military tradition and constant vigilance against invasion.   The kingdom has a large number of noble families. Juventius’ wealth and power have always come from its position on the river, and the fertility of the land it claims has helped this. The nobility began life as the gentrified farming families of these flood plains, and the very richest of the merchant class. Early in the nation's history, the King’s handed out titles for favours - such as for the public support of a contentious law, or the ending of a strike. Others gained titles for military service. The practice of granting titles continues, but is much rarer today.   Most nobles are landed, leasing vast tracts of land to tenant farmers, though a few are less wealthy, and many also have holdings in the trade business in the city. The court of Juventius is a constant battle for power between these various families; vying for wealth, influence, territory. Outdoing each other in their attempts to sway the king, gain favourable trade deals, influence the bureaucracy and new laws, and backstab their enemies (sometimes literally). Though individual nobles hold no legal power from their titles (except for the lords on the borderlands), their wealth and hereditary control of land and business grants them much influence over the King’s decisions, and favour when it comes to the appointment of important positions in the bureaucracy, military and diplomacy.  

Noble Titles


Territory: Manirexion (i.e; Manirexion of Juventius) | Description: Absolute ruler of Juventius. Derived from the title Manirexiuan, heir to the Suran throne. Established due to Damascus  


Territory: N/A Description: Heir to the throne of Juventius.  


Territory: Auctiera (i.e.: Auctiera of Sutatius) Description: Feudal ruler of one of the four border provinces of Juventius, charged with protection of the nation from invasion.  


Territory: Tercepion (i.e.: Tercepion of Vospcius) Description: Titular holder of a Tercepion, the most senior of the titular noble territories.  


Territory: Arvaion Description: Titular holder of an Arvaion, second of the titular noble territories.  


Territory: Senesion (i.e.: Senesion of Promus) Description: Titular holder of a Senesion, smallest of the titular noble territories.  


Territory: N/A Description: Hereditary ruler of a fortified keep or village.  


Territory: N/A Description: Hereditary title of the members of distinguished families; courtiers, merchants, military lineages etc.


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