Twinkling high above, in the night bright with revelry, what do you see little Feos far away?
— A traditional Aeondra nursery rhyme
  The Feos are Ramio's people of the stars. Shepherds of the souls of the deceased, guardians of the fields of the dead, and the illumination of his work, they are the greatest invention of Dimitrisi, shaped at the Anvil God's hand to Ramio's wish. In the night sky, the halls and palaces of the Feos are visible to mortals as the stars themselves.   The Feos have rarely been seen on Macalgra's surface, for to descend from their halls in the heavens requires the permission of Ramio himself. Their descent is prophesied by the Cult of Farnard as one of the Omens of the Latter Times, though such predictions should be taken with cautious skepticism.


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