Long ago, at the beginning of time, it was said there lived a family of Dragons that called themselves Masu. The family of eight roamed through the dark expanse of space, looking for a space to call their own. When they came upon a desolate expanse, where not even the stars shone, they knew they had found it.
It was so dark, Chaos (known as Isma) spun himself through the sky and shed his scales. Each one that separated from him and drifted away grew brighter and brighter until they burst, creating the stars for the Masu’s new worlds.
Next, the Dreconai of Water (called Alama), Earth (Arma), Fire (Alma), Air (Ama), and Knowledge (Pama) reached down and created one planet each, destined to spin and swirl and generate a ruling energy between the five of them.
As they spun, the space between the planets created friction and light, and Magic (known as Esama) decided this was perfect for her. She reached down and dipped her claws in the center, and thus the sixth planet was born, an epicenter for all the magic of the system.
Yet the job was not done. The planets began to spin too closely to each other, the force keeping them contained nearly destroying them in the process. Thus Balance (named Esma) saw her calling, and punched two holes in reality; One hole on either end of the system. She designed her fractures to pull with a force equal to what the other Masu had created together, so that the five planets would constantly be pulled outward and inward at the same time.
Thus, it is said, the system of the Masu was created and named ‘Mabanu’ or, as the inhabitants referred to it later, the system of the Five Children.
Eventually the creators made creations, and the creations made creations. The Masu and the Atmu combined and created an additional four planets, while one of the Masu abstained .
Together, Alma (Fire) and Pama (Knowledge) created Pa-al, later to be renamed by the Atmu as ‘Pondera’   Alama (Water) and Esama (Magic) brought into being Es-Ala, later to be renamed ‘Elewna’ by the Atmu.   Arma (Earth) forged the planet Arsa, which the Atmu later renamed ‘Elkien’.   Ama (Air) and Isma (Chaos) joined together to create Is-A, later to be called ‘Phoric’ by the Atmu.
The Atmu combined and merged to create their creations, and many lairs of life began to grow and thrive.