Opart is the name the inhabitants of the Reddish peninsula give to their nation. It comes from the Opartish word Opa, meaning "fair, just", with the addition of the suffix -ar, used to indicate a geographic location. That name is considered as fairly accurate, for the Opart people are said to be welcoming, considerate, and to meddle with other people's business only to repair injustice. Of course, so could be said from anyone really, given a flexible enough definition of justice.   Even though the Opart people are said to be considerate and welcoming, this wouldn't mean they can be stamped on easily. Many times in history some emperors, invaders, or simple tyrants made the mistake to think they would be able to force their will on Opart, only to find themselves facing a fierce resistance and end up at the bottom of the sea with heavy things strapped to their feet.

Demography and Population

For its size, the region of Opart is quite densely packed. Its small territory of roughly 30,000 square kilometers hosts more than 1,200,000 Human inhabitants, as well as 500,000 Perrots.  

Human population

Most of the humans in Opart can be attached to ethnic origins : Coastrels, or Southern sails, the latter representing roughly a fourth of the population. However, people in Opart have always been mixing together, and the ethnic differentiation between people seems to be more theoretical than actually visible.   About half of the population of Opart lives in cities of more than ten thousand inhabitants. However, even the rest of the population is not too isolated : the smallest settlement in the peninsula still counts more than one hundred inhabitants, living off of the surrounding fields.  

Perrot population

Unsurprisingly, the Perrots in Opart mostly come from a local ethnic group. While they are similar to the Coastrel fishing birds in proportions, they have a paler, yellow skin, and redder, almost pink feathers.   Most of the bird population lives close to the coast, in relatively large cities. In fact, half of them live in the three largest towns in the country. While the birds are not owned by humans, they still stay among themselves. They work on fishing boats, as well as in the local enchantment industries or doing services in town.


  • Opart
    This traditional map, easily bought in one of the many marketplaces of the trading city of Nostramor, represents the Rotbysh peninsula as acurately as modern technologies allow.
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