Merinos City-state

The Merinos City-state is an independant federation of trading corporations based in the Merinos Coasts. Its trading empire reaches most of the south of the Temperate band.


The City-state is ruled by several independent Guilds. The Guilds participate in political decisions in a democratic Council, where the number of seats a company has is proportional to the number of people it employs. That being said, the way representatives are chosen greatly varies among the companies, from an almost absolute democracy in the Cartographic Guild, to some very irregular elections in the Perrot regulating office where different individuals have different voting weigh, to a hereditary council of elders in the Crescent Coast Whaling Union.   Most Guilds that are member of the City State have a somehow feudal organization, being divided in vassal companies that themselves have vassal societies. Each Guild has to contribute to the City State common budget through taxes, that budget being partly redistributed and partly used for defense, the creation of new trading roads, and the internal organization of the city.

Demography and Population

A total of 8,600,000 humans are considered -citizens of the City state Although they are not considered citizens, an estimated 2,000,000 birds are under Merinos jurisdiction, including those living in the city.   Among those ten million souls, more than three millions live within the walls of the city. Two thirds of the others are fishers and farmers. The others are employed by the many many merinian companies that exert their influence all around the Cylinder, and contribute to the city's wealth.    


As it is for the city, a large part of the Merinos trading empire denizens consider themselves of Wandrel, Coastrel, or Sheherper ancestry. These ethnic groups respectively represent roughly 30%, 23% and 20% of the population. It has to be noted that a fairly large amount of people are working for the Merinos trade empire while remaining attached to their culture of origin. These people can make a decent representation of the City state area of influence, and represent around 10% of its citizens.   Finally, a relatively large amount of people living a particularly nomadic lifestyle while remaining prosperous are either considering themselves Merinites, or are called so by locals. Merinites typically travel a lot in the Merinos area of influence, where they can easily find offices to exchange currencies. However, they do play a role of expansion of said sphere of influence, as some tend to explore the unknown areas in the North and the South, so as to discover new trading roads or make new contracts.
Founding Date
5224 AR
Geopolitical, City-state
Government System
Economic System
Market economy
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