Ghostpowder motors

    If one were to class all the most game-changing technologies that were developped in the Cylinder World, Ghostpowder motors would arguably be somewhere near the top. Even though this technology has been fairly recently developped, it has already had an impact on the lives of many societies in the field of fast transports, and communication.


As one can guess, the main use of the motors is in moving vehicles: they are easy to control, and have a much better efficiency than what steam engines - which are about just as expensive anyway - or animal drawn-motors have. In addition to vehicles, however, it is well-known that the motors are used with systems of ropes and pulleys, in some more fixed transportation systems. The most well-known are of course the public transports of the Crescent Fly federation and the rope rails used to transport goods deep inside the Merinos library. However, similar systems are developped in numerous smaller settlements and nations.
Access & Availability
Because they require a large amount of live ghostpowder, that is very carefully separated and enchanted, these motors are still very expensive. As a result, they are mostly used by rich industries, and the high nobility. However, the motors are used by a wider public in some specific regions, such as in the Crescent Fly Federation.
Ghostpowder motors are based on the following observation : ghostpowder is made out of particles, several different types of cells. These cells, if fully activated, have a movement at a precise speed everytime they consume some fuel. As a result, if properly isolated from the particles that have some influence in the Spirit World or the ones that can replicate new cells, it is possible to use the movement force of ghostpowder. In ghostpowder motors, particles are oriented and fixed on one turbin, in a fuel chamber. So as to force the movement in one direction, the particles are engraved on one side of the turbin blade. As soon as some fuel of any kind is poured in the chamber, the ghostpowder allows the turbin to move.
Ghastly motors are a relatively recent development, that was developped in the 5200s AR. Like a lot of current technologies, the first experimental models can be traced back to the Merinos Library. However, it is worth noting that unlike usual engines, the principles weren't reverse engineered from ancient documents that were lost in the library : they were directly created in testrooms, out of entirely original and rigorous studies.

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