Crescent Fly Federation

We've reached the city of Hygelmore.   Finally.The trip accross the strait was longer than we expected.   At least, here, the Merinos Common Cult shouldn't be looking too much for us.   — Agreed.   — We should try and find a place to sleep in.   — Agreed.   While you do that, try to get me some information regarding the civilization we're in, alright?   Sure.  
Book ?   Yes.   Here's what we can tell you about this place.   I'm listening. Or, you know. Paying attention.   First of all, the city is part of a bigger nation, called the Crescent Fly Federation. It consists in a group of five federated city-states, that interact together and protect each other. Hygelmore, where we are, is the second largest. A major thing about it, though, is that the city is dominated by Birds !   —Dominated is almost an understatement. There is almost no human living there. You mostly have Perrots, a few Condors, and some less sapient species that are accepted and respected. It's really visually impressive, by the way ! The whole city, its streets, its buildings, were all designed as adapted for Perrots. Pretty sure it would be hard for humans to move around in there.   How does a City-state Federation work? Also, how could such a bird-dominated area appear?   Well, I think it has a long story behind it. It became independent after the dismantlement of some human empire that spanned in the region. Though I think the region must have been full of birds before that. Can't really tell you from the surroundings.   ...   As for your first question, here it is. Each city has its local power, and democratically elects an Akshaman, and a Chief. These two personalities have the charge of running different aspects of the city : Public health, Education, and Culture for the Akshaman; Agriculture, Industry and City planning for the Chief. Also, the people doing that job at the moment are really bad at it according to the population surrounding us.   — In addition to these two representatives, an assembly is elected : birds vote to elect one bird in their building, or groups of buildings. The assembly has two roles at once : firstly they hire judges or fulfill the role of jury for severe trials. If you want, that is the judiciary power. In addition, they are in charge of creating and voting laws.   — Finally, the Chiefs and Akshaman from the different town form a Federation Council. Associated with the general of the federation's armies, and the previous Governor, this Council can appoint a Governor, who is in charge of the federation's foreign policies, as well as of the control of the territories not controlled by the cities, yet part of the federation.   Are there a lot of those ?   No idea, the surrounding population seems bad at geography.   ...   However, they do know that regarding the foreign policies, the federation didn't intervene much in the past. It was mostly focused on getting its people some food, and sheltering escaped birds. However, a lot of nations and organizations don't like the idea of a whole country of independant birds, which means the federation is pretty much always protecting itself.   — Can I add something ?   'Course you can.   There seems to be a large consciousness around us, larger than just that of the citizens. It's probable that the elections and whatnot are often partly influenced by some illicit spiritual manipulation.   — Yes, though according to the population this would be illegal, it pretty much happens.   Aren't the birds trained to resist to that ?   I guess they are. Along with flight and literacy, it seems that basic spiritual training is a part of a public education of some kind. But even if that's the case, that doesn't mean everybody is as well-trained to resist mind alteration as the professional shamans. I'm pretty sure it would still be possible to influence a lot of people, by acting carefully enough.   Don't even think about it.   Alright, alright. Beside that, there's a few more thing we can immediately say. Apparently, there's a public transportation system, both in the city and between cities. In addition to that, it would seem that birds are fairly well trained in cookery, because it smells really nice.   — And lastly, there's someone that is very intently moving toward us. Should we run ?  
What ? No ! Just stop writing, and talk with them.
Alright, then. We'll talk to you later then, Book.

Fyaril... Your sanity loss is beyond control. I hope you can still be saved.

Strength, Justice, Equality


  • Goosemouth Peninsula
    This map represent the Goosemouth peninsula, also known as Federic or Oddem peninsula, and its surroundings.
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Oddem Federation, Goosemouth Federation
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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Lucas Wilde
Lucas Wilde
28 Dec, 2020 02:34

Love the article as always! The last part really cracked me up! :) It's also interesting to note how the population is made up of birds, and how they take part in political events, just like humans do. Never did think of a bird-dominated Federation.