Barheim Fran Wurm

And here I was, thinking this day would go well. I was about to get info regarding the results of the latest raid in Deiradomhain, I even thought I'd have the time to go to the opera after that. Guess I was wrong. As the guard approaches my table, I taunt kem : "Hey sergeant, don't you think this restaurant is a little above your pay grade?"   "Very funny, Barheim. I'm here on business."   I can't help but mock the guard a tiny bit more. I innocently ask: "Oh my, that sounds serious. Do you think there might be some criminals hiding in this restaurant? How awful!"   The guard frowns, and clicks ken beak: "You flying rat, you know very well whom I'm talking about." Three more guards enter the place. This is not looking good. If they arrest me now, my day is ruined.   "Flying rat, huh? You know, sergeant, I remember some times ago, when a honest businessbird could enjoy a lunch without being insulted by the cops. Do you really plan on arresting me now? It's the third time this year, you know? I'll just get out clean, and you'll have lost me some times, and you your career."   "You're anything but honest, Barheim. And this times, you better believe we have all it takes to sentence you." The sergeant turns toward the other guards: "Alright, gents. you can take him."

"Butterfly Barry" Barheim Fran Wurm Arrested at the Elianor's Restaurant.


Is a butterfly-loving businessbird the worst pirate of our time?

According to several eyewitnesses, the famous entrepreneur Barheim from Wurm was arrested and violently handled by the City Guard yesterday, as ke was eating lunch in the Elianor's Restaurant of Wurmbeek. Is the city's most excentric businessbird a criminal? Well, according to Wurmbeek Watch captain Ravrot Oilwing, yes ke is. The middle aged bird who was born and grew up in Wurmbeek is suspected of being at the head of a major piracy network, notably responsible for the terrible naval raids of last winter on the coasts of the Federation. While Barheim had been arrested several times in the past, no evidence was strong enough to incarcerate kem. However, according to the Watch Captain, "Third time's the charm". More details in the special report "Wurmbeek: a history of mistrials, at the end of the newspaper roll.
Wurm's daily news, Norday, 9th of Autumn 5555
Shit. It's turning bad for me this time. Apparently they caught Funak in ken office. Ke had heard that they were coming and was gathering the proofs to burn'em, but that idiot got got before. Jackpot for them. Ke didn't say any name, but that stupid bird and ken habit of recording our deals, that's enough to sink the whole business. And sentence me to death, which I don't fancy either. Even if they only have the two coastal raids Funak was involved in, these were on the Federation's territory, and that's the worst crime. Besides, I'm pretty sure Funak was involved with the human baby trading business as well, and I don't think the judges will like it either.   I tried to get info on the jury, to see if I could threaten or corrupt them, or even just get rid of them, but it's going to be hard. I'm tried under federal laws, so most of the jury is from the other cities. Besides, each and every one of them is heavily guarded, both by city guards and private mercenaries, so the killing will be complicated as well. Really, things aren't looking well.   I could make a run for it. I still have some power left in me. Probably enough to make a bit of a firework at the courthouse anyway. If I get some help, I can create some confusion, kill the judge for good measure, and make a flight for it. Then, I'd just have to cross the whole damn country, to reach the tribal kingdoms in the west. They probably still like me, and more importantly they hate the federation enough to refuse to hand me over.   ...   Escaping justice like a coward. What an amateur move, Barry. Oh well.   I'll warn my lawyer. Ke's a good lad. Doesn't need to overwork kemself and defend me if I don't plan on serving my sentence. Also, ke doesn't really need to die in the explosion.

Explosion at the Supreme court : forty casualties, Barheim disappears.

How a seemingly innocent bird took us all by surprise

Sixteen days into Barheim Fran Wurm's trial, the Wurmbeek Supreme Court was destroyed by a large Ghostpowder explosion. Several members of the audience, as well as five City Guards and the court Judge were killed. Barheim kemself was nowhere to be found, and likely took advantage of the explosion to escape the court house. The City watch has called the Federal police to help locating the fugitive. More details can be found in our special report "Barheim Fran Wurm: a life of crime and a coat of lies", at the end of the newspaper roll.
Wurm's daily news, Solday, 30th of Autumn 5555
Year of Birth
5504 AR 48 Years old
Appears in...
Throughout most of ken life, Barheim operated in the city of Wurmbeek. Ken current whereabouts are unknown.  
Goosemouth Peninsula
This map represent the Goosemouth peninsula, also known as Federic or Oddem peninsula, and its surroundings.

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