Ookhabrus Falventitirri (oeh kabruus fal ven ti tirri)

Ookhabrus Falventitirri (a.k.a. Titirri)

The stars. The night. So bright. Emotions, serenity. Calm of the night.
— Elven Poem by Starsong Elvenbright, Minstrel of Oaken Tree

Ookhabrus Falventitirri still remembers that poem, like a song. It was filled with magic. It is what made the stars shine extra bright. Like little diamonds. For her it was like magic. The song is beautiful and when performed well people listen. She would never be able to reach the elite audience that Starsong could count to his clientele. She was content with it. Elven have magic and their unrivaled beauty at their disposal. She.... not so much. Now i mind you, she is a good performer and well known for her storytelling and funny songs. She makes enough coins to get around and enjoys whats she does.
Gittern by Akimotos

She finishes her drink in one gulp, burps and jumps onto the podium. A big grin to the audience she starts to sing accompanied by her gittern. Her voice is clear and strong. Her gittern is spot on, as always in tune. Her voice weaves melodies around the gittern's melodie, and as always her voice is accompanied by het gittern's vibrato and something she could feel but not grasp.
When she finishes the song with a lingering high note that hits the mark, you could hear a pin drop. People are mesmerized, amazed and in trance with her voice, the delivery and presence. The sound lingers and fills the room like a whisper of hope and love before fading away. the silence feels like an eternity before the audience goes wild!. The people cheer, scream, whistle and stamp their feet. She feels the gittern respond with soft vibrations, and she knows... they both did well... She thanks her gittern and enjoys the cheering.
The night is young, the ale is cheap and plentifull, everyone is in an excellent mood. She starts playing Cantiga 1.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is a strong woman, a little voluptuous but very eloquent in her manners. She can take a punch, but even better: punch back.

Body Features

Altough a little heavy for a gnome, she shows unexpected dexterity. She is tough. and has learned to use her walking stick as a fighting tool.

Facial Features

A beautiful roundish face medium length green hair. Bright blue eyes. Pointy ears. almost lways smiling (faintly)

Identifying Characteristics

Her voice is very well trained, powerfull and directive. her fingers are nimble and accurate

Physical quirks

She has strong arms from training with open hand, sword, two-handed stick, ti-bo sticks and quarterstaff.
Her strong legs and physique allow her to walk for hours.

Special abilities

When she sings her emotions add magic to her performance Ghostly Voice. The gitter amplifies the emotions, feelings and mood delivered with the spell as well as the range and reach of her song. Even the softest passage will be heard by anyone in the room. She does this without knowing. It works on all creatures. (including deaf, innate and unsubstantial beings, as long as they are related to the planar domain that she resides in.)

Apparel & Accessories

She loves the finest clothing, her gitter and a fine ale. She has no taste for metal trinkets, but she makes sure she looks superb all the time.
When travelling the roads she prefers cloth armor and leather protection.

Specialized Equipment

Her gitter, she named him Luciando, is a very well build instrument (the finest quality). It has magical properties she currently is unaware of.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born near an Elven enclave, in a cave. Daughter of Millek Falventirri aka the Tinkerer and Monamulia. Monamulia works in service of an important Elven Clan leader. Most Elven who didn't want to waste their precious time or magical powers in cleaning their homes. They prefer to pretend it never gets dirty. Ookhabrus had not many friends as there where not many gnomes in the enclave. The Elven children ignored her as she was considered non-magical, non-technical and ... well she didn't look the same.
Although it hurt her a lot bieng an outcast, she learned to ignore it. Her parents where always there for her and helped her where they could. One day she followed her mother to the Large Tree of Oak. to help her mother to clean up.
While cleaning she sang her favorite song about the little bird that could not fly. She heard the song a long time ago and she never forgot the melody or the words. She always could remember songs and poems to the letter.
The Elven Clan leader who heard her sing, requested her to sing it for him, which she did. From that day on he insisted that she would come and sing for him once a day, and in return he would help her to become even better at her performance. He also teached her some intruments, delighted by her eagerness to learn and quickness to grasp even complex matters.
One day, she recued a litte bird from a hungry cat. The bird was hurtit's little wing broken. The bird was unconcious and she brought it home.
Not knowing how to heal a bird she took it with her to Lord Elvenbright, hoping he could heal the little one. He acknowledged he could, but only if she would sing. So, she did sing. During his healing chant she sang the song of the little bird and something unexpected happened with his magic and the bird. She didn't notice but the Elf did. The next day the little bird was back on its feet, hopping around the room, without any intention of leaving the home. The next day he had a gift for her and he handed her a beautiful gitter. It was the most beautiful thing she ever had seen!
Lord Elvenbright teached her to play the gittern, flute, harp and lute. The gitter and from that day on she decided to become a singer.


She has always been alone. She loves male and female company and loves to talk about the world. Her memory servers her well.


The Elven Clan leader is the famous Elven Lord Starsong Elvenbright. He teached her to sing, add her feelings and emotion to a song. Without explaining what she was learning he learned her to add magic into her music. He also teached her (in secret) the elfish language spoken by the elven high council, to read music and animal speak. She unintentionally learned to use the Ghost Voice as part of her training. His most favorite song is the birdsong. (the ghost voice sounds like the voice of the bird)


the owner of the Bat Sveinn Inn, Ordaen Caerna was happy to 'enlist' her. When she sings he sells more wine and ale. and she earns a good coin.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She doesn't know how well she sings. She looks a little strange and out of the ordinary, but her voice is getting better and better.
The gittern has a voice of his own and they complement each other in a unusual way.
When they are in tune with each other (and that is most of the time) her Ghost Voice fills the audience with her mood and feelings.

Failures & Embarrassments

she failed once to perform for the King. The other bard, minstrels and troubadours made her nervous with scary storys. Her fear was tangiable in her music, although she sang beautiful. The King felt it and dismissed her, to great relief of the other participants. She would later know how to control this, but thats a story for another time.

Intellectual Characteristics

She is a very smart and technological savvy girl. Her memory is excellent and she rarely forgets a tune, word of spoken thing.

Morality & Philosophy

She is honest, but not stupid and gullable. (she was once, but her travels have made her smart and streetwise. In her opinion animals are more friendly then humans. but she is aware of friendly and kind humans too.


torturing animals. dishonesty. stealing.

Personality Characteristics


She is motivated to sing. She feels good when she does and she loves the response from the audience when she sings.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

she is an excellent gitter player and a excellent singer. She is inept at cooking. although she exactly knows how it should be done she is not intrested and a terrible cook.

Likes & Dislikes

she like ale, fine quality clothing, good food and honesty.

Virtues & Personality perks

She always looks excellent, her memory serves her well in writing songs and recalling events. her bardic knowledge is excellent and her eliminate and deduce skills are also excellent.

Vices & Personality flaws

She has a weakness for buying fine clothing. (she buys a lot of clothing) and tells the truth a little bit too often.

Personality Quirks

she hums melodies in her sleep. very soft, but sometimes annoying for people in her vincinity. (as her vocal reach is extended)


She is cleaner then a high elf and smells even better.


Contacts & Relations

She works for Ordaen Caerna as he is a decent and honest man.

Religious Views

She is not sure yet. She thinks about joining the Association of Travelling Bards.

Social Aptitude

She is an excellent partner to talk to, live with or work with. Just do not double cross her or attack her. of balme her of something she didnt do.

Wealth & Financial state

she has no excessive amounts of money. she invests a lot in clothing.
Cantiga 1, a medieval hymne
Gittern played by SongsFromTheOth
Lawfull Chaotic
Current Status
Performing on the gittern , to earn coin and fame!
Current Location
blue, bright, catlike
green, feisty and pointy, with two short tails.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light brown
3 feet (94cm)
Quotes & Catchphrases
lets play, Luciando! Let the stars shine bright!
Known Languages
elven and (secret) high elven. deep gnomish, dwarven (a little) and human Gelt (common) and some other dialects. animalspeak.
Character Prototype
A wanderer and adventurer and Bard with latent, but very strong magical powers.

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Character Portrait image: Portrait of Titirri by Akimotos


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I really love that intro narrative from Ookhabru's pov, it really immerses you into the music and performance. Also great artwork! :-)

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It is nice to know she sings fantastically even though she does not realize it herself. That Elven elders sounds like a great person teaching her all those things.

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