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By far the most powerful, expansive clan on the continent are the Trusik, the hyper-militant lapin society that inherited the Central Mesa from the remnants of the pre-cataclysm world. Their entire population is separated into castes, and every citizen has their role that's expected of them in their society, with almost no tolerance for deviation.   In their original form, the Consortium was the attempt of several corporations to preserve their assets and hold influence in the governing body of their time. After the Cataclysm these companies took advantage of their role in repairing the infrastructure and maintaining security in a chaotic landscape, and slowly asserted more control in the federal government until they effectively had replaced any system of rule that had existed previously.     - Subdivisions  
  • Who lives there primarily? - Rabbits.
  • Who else lives there? - A conglomerate of other peoples from different corners of the continent.
  • Are they welcome? Accepted? Ostracized? Subjugated? - non-lapine citizens of the Consortium have greatly diminished rights in comparison. Some are outright indentured servants & slaves for labor.
  • Societal (what kind of society is it? How do people individually live? What type of communal situations?)
  • Political (what's their government like? Are they part of a bigger society? Are they a state in a nation?)
  • Theological (what do they believe in? Are they magical in any way?)
  • Economic (how do they trade for goods?)
  • Geography (where in the world do they live?)
  • How do they live there? What hardships do they face?
  • Region (do they live in a small part of a much bigger place?)
  • Settlements (empires, cities, villages, towns, outposts, etc of note)
  • Navigation (how do people get around? is there infrastructure? how do supplies move through this place?)
  • Origin (how did they get there to begin with?)
  • Formative events (what shaped them early on?)
  • Responses to events (what changed in the world? How were they involved? What changed about them in response?) Divided by scope:
  • Short term, local (immediate, recent past, local goings-on)
  • Medium term, Regional (surrounding area, longer-term changes, region-affecting events)
  • Long term, global/continential (world-affecting events, national scale changes, distant history)
  • Local (how do they get along with their closest neighbors?)
  • Regional (how do they get along with everyone else in their region?)
  • National/Continential (what about people on the other side of the country? The continent?)
  • Outsiders (are they receptive to visitors? Are they isolationists, xenophobic, territorial?)
  • Trade (do they trade with others? Who? How much? What do they get out of it?)
  • Short term, small/narrow scope (what do they need or want right now? A week from now?)
  • Medium term, medium scope (what do they need this month? Next month?)
  • Long term, broad scope (what do they need this year? Next year? 10 years from now?)
  • Interactions (do the goals of anyone in this society clash with the rest? Are the parts united, or do different people generally want very different things? Describe those relationships between clashing motivations.)
  • Culture

    Average technological level

    Trusik Prisms are commonplace in the Consortium; the Trusik long ago reverse engineered artifacts from the Wild with scripts that wipe the nanites necessary for Activated Machines to achieve sentience and refined their construction to better serve their use. These Prisms are sets of nanite components that can be reconfigured into almost any form the user can think of - weapons, tools, vehicles and many other uses. Enough Prisms in the hands of a single user can be a huge combat advantage, and as such they are issued to military personnel cautiously
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