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Amkha is the name given to several different wolf tribes that encompass the Nosevi Range and the Merdevine Range north of Trusik territory. Generally a peaceful tribe, they are nonetheless known for their martial ability and adherence to their faith that predates the Second Cataclysm. There are four main clans that are recognized by the tribe, though many smaller offshoots exist in abundance, spread across the mountains and forests and have sporadic contact with the rest of their kin.


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  The Amkha are a diverse group, and members of one clan will often migrate to another with very little issue. Among the many subdivisions, there are several primary tribes that are typically observed as being the biggest and most structured.
  Amaranth - mainly clerics in the lowlands south of the Merdevine, maintaining and restoring the natural landscape and providing agricultural sustenance to the other Amkha clans in the region.
  Asphodel - The peaceful monks that inhabit the industrial ruins, making their monasteries in the shells of ancient warehouses and factories that they've turned into places of quiet contemplation.
  Helleborous - Warrior-monks in the highest mountains of the north, thriving in the frost-bitten peaks and training in ancient fighting styles that they've updated with cybernetics. They are renowned for their seemingly superhuman ability to keep fighting well beyond their bodies limit. Most
  Myosotis - mainly nomadic bands of just a few members that travel the mountains and coexist with the other clans. They have no centralized home but instead act as messengers, post, and reserve defense force for the Amkha nation, and as such are welcome anywhere they travel among their kin.
  • NAME (primary group)
  • - Subdivisions
  • - Who lives there primarily? - Who else lives there? - Are they welcome? Accepted? Ostracized? Subjugated?
  • - Societal (what kind of society is it? How do people individually live? What type of communal situations?) - Political (what's their government like? Are they part of a bigger society? Are they a state in a nation?) - Theological (what do they believe in? Are they magical in any way?) - Economic (how do they trade for goods?)
  • - Geography (where in the world do they live?) - How do they live there? What hardships do they face? - Region (do they live in a small part of a much bigger place?) - Settlements (empires, cities, villages, towns, outposts, etc of note) - Navigation (how do people get around? is there infrastructure? how do supplies move through this place?)
  • - Origin (how did they get there to begin with?) - Formative events (what shaped them early on?) - Responses to events (what changed in the world? How were they involved? What changed about them in response?) Divided by scope: - Short term, local (immediate, recent past, local goings-on) - Medium term, Regional (surrounding area, longer-term changes, region-affecting events) - Long term, global/continential (world-affecting events, national scale changes, distant history)
  • - Local (how do they get along with their closest neighbors?) - Regional (how do they get along with everyone else in their region?) - National/Continential (what about people on the other side of the country? The continent?) - Outsiders (are they receptive to visitors? Are they isolationists, xenophobic, territorial?) - Trade (do they trade with others? Who? How much? What do they get out of it?)
  • - Short term, small/narrow scope (what do they need or want right now? A week from now?) - Medium term, medium scope (what do they need this month? Next month?) - Long term, broad scope (what do they need this year? Next year? 10 years from now?) - Interactions (do the goals of anyone in this society clash with the rest? Are the parts united, or do different people generally want very different things? Describe those relationships between clashing motivations.)


    Average technological level

    Common Customs, traditions and rituals

    A unifying trait among Amkha is the practice of fusing their bodies with mechanical augmentations. The knowledge of Activated Machines has long been understood by the wolves, and clans have their own respective customs for their use- across all of them is the practice of generations inheriting the living parts of their ancestors through a ceremony in which the young are fused with the sentient prosthetics of their predecessors.   Every Amkha clan has its own specific set of rituals that denote the coming of age, and these vary wildly in [[WIP]]

    Funerary and Memorial customs

    [[Activated augmentations passed down to an inheritor when its previous host has died]]

    Common Myths and Legends

    Across the entire tribe, the Amkha generally are adherents of the Emissaries. <<untrue, requires revision. -Azalea

    Historical figures

    Aster Lugard [[WIP]]
    CYBERNETICS   text goes here, text goes here.
    Diverged ethnicities
    Related Locations

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