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Lyranis - World of Humanoid Cat People

Lyranis appears in the future of the earth and is many light-years away in a galaxy, Zoolandis, comprised of different humanoid animals. On Lyranis you will find humanoids that look like cats. They appear more like jungle cats than earthly felines found as pets. They rule their world and don't like visitors. They must stay alert for invasion from other humanoid animals from other planets in their galaxy, Zoolandis.   The humanoid cats have both human and cat-like features. The biggest difference is that they have ears, tails, black noses, long rough tongues, and claws/talons rather than fingernails since they have paws rather than hands or feet just like a cat would. They also appear human-like and have teeth, hair, and 4 limbs (2 arms and 2 legs similar in length that also allow them to walk on all fours or upright depending on what they are doing. They always drop to all fours for running. It is the fastest way to get around. They stroll upright if not running for safety reasons.   Their diets are composed of plants, vegetables, and meats/seafood just like an earthly feline. They use their claw or talons to fish. They will snatch the fish or sea food right out of the water with a swipe of their deadly talons.

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