Linear Navigation : Automatically update linked articles to link back - Round 2 Discussion

A revival of this suggestion.

I've been working on some organization of my world. As I make heavy use of article redirects for categories, I've been using the linear navigation tool as a way to try and bring my navigation back up to a category page.   As an example, I have a Sophants category with an article designed to mimic the category page. This article is the "Linear Previous" for my Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and so forth articles that I use as category redirects for the category of those respective names.
However, the Sophants article I use as my example does not automatically add the several "linear next" articles from those articles claiming it as the "previous linear" article.

How does this feature request address the current situation?

I request for articles to either have an option to have several "previous linear" articles or "next linear" articles. I also suggest the "linear previous" articles have the corresponding "linear next" link.   For people who do not wish for this, maybe a little check box to hide/not show the respective link(s)?

Lyraine! Did you just copy-paste this from the suggestion you made?

Yeeeeaaaah, mostly to be a refresher of the suggestion.   I do know of other workarounds for my specific use case (namely to not use category redirects and likely scrap those articles, buuuuuut I spent a lot of time on those articles and they link into other articles) but my use case is one among others.  

Where to go so you can vote?

Right here!


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