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Alpais Geneva

Captain Alpais Gillianna Geneva (a.k.a. The Flame)

  • Born in Thebes to a noble family
  • Selected to become a Quintilioness
  • Served the Imperial Cult until the age of thirteen
  • Abducted by Ealari pirates
  • enslaved and used as entertainment for the pirate crew
  • After six years of secretly cultivating her powers slayed all members of the crew that abused her, freed the slaves and became captain of her own ship, the Blazing Angel
  • Having seen the atrocities perpetraded by pirates she became a pirate hunter
  • Created a strong alliance with the Acheanil people
  • The Imperial Navy offered her a Imperial Letter of Marquee
  • She is now one of the most vicious and unforgiving pirate and rebel hunters in the Nyrian Archipelago
  • She is commonly dressed with a heavily altered version of the Quintilioness garments and she wear a golden rimmed white hood that hides her face and white gloves.
  • She is known to spread fear to her enemies by flying off her ship and firing balls of flames to the crew of the ship she is attacking.
  • She has been described as an avenging angel of death and most of the crews that are attacked by her ship are known to, if possible flee, or surrender.
  • Currently Boarded Vehicle
    Year of Birth
    1503 AI 18 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Noble birth
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
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