The moon brighter than a million emeralds

Achelois [A-he-low-EESS] or Coedwig [CUD-wig] (Halfling) is the ancestral home of the Gnome people. The second furthest moon of Lyra,   Achelois, is often refereed to as the emerald moon. This name was given to it due to the lush green expanses of vegetation covering everything apart from its highest mountain tops. This fabled land is scarred by crystal blue rivers hidden under the tall trees of the moon-wide forest canopy.   All the information about Achelois come from the stories and songs told by the Gnome bards travelling around Lyra. There is no known way for someone to travel from or to the moon. The Appearance of the very small Gnome settlements on some of the islands of the Sky Plane is a mystery.
Alternative Name(s)
The Emerald Moon, The Emerald, Coedwig
Planetoid / Moon
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