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Twin Paper

This new technology is basically some new kind of magical enchantment that just got created to make receiving notices/messages quicker. So instead of having a carrier pigeon carry messages back to notify that someone has either received the message or has taken a job from a far away place, the message now only needs to first arrive by pigeon, then when someone receives it or accepts a job that is posted, they send a tiny wave of magical energy through the paper. This activates a simple enchantment that is sent throughout Sofmyre that marks all the other papers that carry the same message. The mark is the Silverleaf emblem (or whatever emblem is used by the sender) and is a different color depending on its status.   Green means it's available   Blue means that the receiver has accepted the message (whether job related or simply read the message)   Red means that someone else has already accepted the job somewhere else and is now unavailable anymore.   Orange means some people have received the message, but not everyone that was meant to see it has actually seen it at this time (message for multiple people)   Purple means everyone that was meant to receive the message has received and read it.     The emblems may change depending on who sent it in the first place, but the colors are always going to be the same. At this point in time this is unique to Sofmyre.

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