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Thinsilver Forest

Not much is known about this forest, only that it is very dangerous and mysterious. It is said that most of the monsters that make it to Sofmyre come from this forest. While some expeditions were made to venture out and see what's in it, very few have ever come out of it alive, and those that have brought back very little results. The last ones to attempt going into Thinsilver forest was Ura's expedition.


It is a dozen or so kilometers south from Sofmyre, though no road actually leads to it. As one approaches the forest, the trees from Sofmyre Forest get bigger, and more densely packed together. The branches on the trees start coming down more and more until they reach the bottom. Not much light seems to make it through the trees, hence its name "Thinsilver".

Fauna & Flora


Natural Resources

Other than the dense trees and various monsters, very little is known about the fauna that reside inside the forest. A number of rivers seem to come from Thinsilver Forest, but no one has ever been able to follow it to their starting point.
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)

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