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Tave Nutra

Picture     Tave Nutra is a very straight-laced man, though being a teller from Insia will likely do that to anyone. His personality doesn't give way to any mistakes when it comes to finances, and he's very efficient doing his job. He came to Sofmyre in 590 at the request of Theo Gitter to replace an old teller (he was to retire soon). Tave soon adapted to the new environment and he even seemed to like it in Sofmyre, though no one can tell for sure.   His teller job isn't the only thing that he has going for him, his magic isn't anything to scoff at either. His magic utilizes regular hemp strings, controlling and reinforcing them through magic. While his type of magic works best indoors, he can still use it pretty effectively in the outdoors.   (Skip to 1:17)  

Current Location
Year of Birth
553 (41 years old)

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