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Strengths & Weaknesses

Each attack will be assigned a type. Each monster/equipment/weapon will also be assigned a type. Working similarly to the Fire Emblem and Pok√©mon games, each type will have a weakness and a resistance. Attacking a target with a certain weapon that they are weak to will gain the use advantage 1 for each weakness they exploit; the opposite happens with resistance. If a certain type is not mentioned, then an attack of that type will simply do regular damage.   Example: Attacking a monster with fire that has a weakness against fire will grant the attack advantage 1. If the attack involved fire and physical, while the monster's weakness was also fire and physical, the attack now receives advantage 2.     These are the types that can be found in this world:   -Fire -Water -Ice -Air -Earth -Magic -Acid -Poison -Lightning -Psychic -Physical -Spirit   Table: Table     Types on objects/attacks will simply be stated as traits. Having these types put into the game does not relate with the perks and boons that give players' resistances to types. Those work as the game says they work. This does mean that they may stack with each other.   Types are only assigned to attacks. Banes, Boons, and Perks won't typically be assigned a type.       What is stated above is the old, more complicated system. The following will be the new and much simpler system. A few types were removed and it uses a "rock-paper-scissors" approach.   Fire -> Lightning -> Air -> Magic -> Earth -> Water -> Fire.   An example of this would be if a Fire type attacks or defends against a Lightning type. The Fire type will have advantage when attacking, and the Lightning type will have disadvantage when attacking.   Any other type combination is simply neutral damage, meaning no disadvantage or advantage. An example for that would be if an Air type attacks a Water type or vice-versa; neither would have disadvantage or advantage.


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