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Sofmyre Forest

The forest that the main capital of the Sofmyre kingdom is located in. The forest is vast and goes on for several kilometers. If one would go too deep into the forest to the South-West, they could end up in ThinSilver forest, where various dangers lie, including the infamous Remane.


While the forest does have a couple of rivers flowing through it, it doesn't seem to be close to any large body of water; all of them however, seem to converge towards the Thinsilver forest, having the druids speculate that there is a type of large lake inside, though no one knows for sure. The trees in this forest are quite tall, averaging around 200 feet tall, most of the branches stopping at around 100 feet, meaning one can see pretty far into the forest since there aren't many branches in the way to obscure the view. Since almost all the tree in this forest are coniferous, winters in Sofmyre are fairly mild, and not much snow actually makes it onto the ground below because most of it gets caught by the tree branches above (save for the actual capital).

Natural Resources

Most natural resources here would be lumber, wild game, wild berries, and of course Silver Leaf.
Forest, Boreal (Coniferous)
Related Reports (Secondary)
Inhabiting Species

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