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Map Map Districts   Crest   The kingdom that the players started in. Located in the middle of Sofmyre Forest, it has been thriving for centuries even before Sofmyre Recorded History. Being the sole producer and distributor of their local plant Silver Leaf, they are also the home of the famous Silverleaf army.


Sofmyre is run by a king, hence it is a kingdom. While it may only have a couple of villages to its name, the main capital and its army is nothing to scoff at. The king also has a group of consultants consisting of the leaders of various powerful groups in the city, such as the Silverleaf army captain, the merchant guild's leader, the high wizard of the group of wizard's producing Macha, the elder tree druid for their environmental group, and then there are representatives of the city, one for the nobles and another for more common folk. While Paddra Sil Sofmyre has final say, she will often consult the members of the council because she knows she alone can't always come up with what's best for the kingdom.


Their main defenses actually consist of the Sofmyre Forest that they are living in; the trees, bushes, rivers, etc... Though there are a couple of guard towers in the form of trees scattered around Sofmyre. If any type of danger arises, the Silverleaf army scouts keeping a look out inside these towers will send word to the city via trained birds.

Industry & Trade

While the main export that gets Sofmyre its coin is their lumber and leather, their Silver Leaf is also what keeps the city thriving. Very little Silver Leaf actually ever gets sold and exported outside of the city. Any Silver Leaf that does, gets sold at an exorbitant price due to Sofmyre wanting to be the only city that makes full use of the plant. Various other jobs such as artisans, merchants, farmers, and soldiers all make a good living here.


While the kingdom is located inside Sofmyre Forest, it doesn't incorporate much of the trees inside of it, instead opting to make a clearing and then building inside of that clearing. The city itself and its buildings are usually very light colored in honor of the Silver Leaf plant they produce. Various people live inside the city, and a lot of Demisent Macha can be seen throughout it as well. There seems to be fairly clear-cut districts inside Sofmyre, each district having their own flair of buildings (though all light-colored). There's the merchant district, a smaller army district, common district, nutriment district (trappers, farmers, gatherers (a little outside of the city)), castle grounds, and a smaller nobles' district.

Guilds and Factions

The main guilds and factions of Sofmyre consist of the one's that have a councilmen on the king's council board. The Silverleaf army, Shining Goods, the Macha Wizards, the Pale Druids, the Noble Faction, and the Common Faction.


The beginnings of Sofmyre as a kingdom goes back even further than Sofmyre Recorded History, going into the Muddled Magic age. As far as stories goes, Sofmyre started out as a simple settlement. The original residents decided to stay here because they were mesmerized by the Silver Leaf. While they didn't know the magical properties of the plant at first, they were first using it as a type of mild deterrent for really weak creatures/monsters. As a result they were able to grow as a settlement fairly quickly and peacefully. They established trades until finally they decided to record their history as they were comfortable and settled enough as a town to do so. Year 0 SRH came about when the first king was selected, his last name cementing the settlement forevermore as Sofmyre. It was the year 35 when local blacksmiths discovered that Silver Leaf had enhancing properties when put into armor and weapons. Shortly after, the year 37 is when Sofmyre's army officially became the Silverleaf army that we know today. Slowly but surely, the kingdom grew in size and in name. Now it is one of the biggest settlements/cities on the continent.

Natural Resources

Of course the famous Silver Leaf resides near Sofmyre. Because of the type of magical properties Silver Leaf has, it cannot be produced inside the kingdom itself; rather it grows almost completely naturally just outside of the city. There are still a couple of gardens set up to properly nurture the plants though. The gardens are overseen by the Pale Druids guild, having a select few of its members growing the plants. Other than Silver Leaf, one can see various tall trees (mainly coniferous) that grow in the Sofmyre Forest, being a little taller than the walls of the city itself. Various woodland creatures live in the forest as well, making this spot a good one for hunting and gathering. While the odd monster may roam close to the city every now and again, the Silverleaf Army usually make quick work of them before they cause any major issue.

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