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Silverleaf army

Crest     Sofmyre' s main army, the Silverleaf army name comes from the armor that soldiers wear. The armor is enchanted with some Silver Leaf that is Sophmyre's famous plant. Higher ranking personnel are usually donned with higher concentration of Silver Leaf, some even having weapons that are enchanted with it. They are responsible for Sofmyre's safety and will often have expeditions outside of the city to handle either guard duty, or monsters that have roamed inside settlements. Their leader Kris Losh attends every meeting that the king announces, as well as regularly meets the king outside of her meetings for matters that involve the army directly.

Public Agenda

The Silverleaves are under the direct command of Paddra Sil Sofmyre, meaning their main goal is to defend Sofmyre, and the occasional expedition that requires military intervention.


Militia   Recruits (private)   Advanced recruits   Lieutenant   Special ads (advanced)   Officer   Sergeant   Special ex (experts)   Advanced Sergeant   Master Sergeant   Second Captain   Special mass (masters)   Captain

Like the Silver Leaf we don, we are as shining as we are deadly.

Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Training Level

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