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Pale Druids

Crest     The Pale Druids are a little unique to Sofmyre. While there are other druid-like mages everywhere, the Pale Druids are the only ones that have formed a guild in this way, and that are under the direct command of the king. Most of the druids that are part of the guild wear some form of white/pale grey clothes, though the head of the guild Syla Dreyt is the only one that always wears that kind of attire.They are the ones that do research into various things, though they tend to relate to nature or the natural order in some way. They are also the ones that are in charge of Silver Leaf production, handing off the supplies to Shining Goods when they have any to sale.


There are a couple of unofficial departments inside the guild.   -There are the druids that go off on expeditions to either gather information about the natural world or to look into something that requires their expertise.   -There are the druids that take care of the Silver Leaf plants south of Sofmyre. This includes gardening, watering, weeding, making sure the magic is at a good potency level, harvesting, and preparing the plants to be handed over to Shining Goods.   -The druids that do research into various things. While they research practically anything, all things that are related to Macha, including research on them, are handled by the Macha Wizards.   -There are druids specifically assigned to try and do as much research as they can into Thinsilver Forest, though the group is small it is filled with very talented and intelligent druids, often overseen by Syla Dreyt herself.


They are a fairly recent guild to have formed inside of Sofmyre. While there was already a group a druids that helped the many kings with various tasks involving the Sofmyre Forest throughout the ages, it wasn't until Syla Dreyt came into the city with many other druids in 572 that the guild officially formed. Her leadership and skills were a great asset to Sofmyre, thus the guild was created to facilitate the help of the druids inside the city.
Guild, Mages
Alternative Names
White Druids. Silver Druids. Druid's Guild.

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