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Paddra Sil Sofmyre

King Paddra Sil Sofmyre

Picture   The current "King" of the Sofmyre kingdom, she ascended to the throne only a few years ago. Having wisdom beyond her years and a will of iron has made her a great king in the eyes of her subjects. While she doesn't make too many public appearances, its said that she works almost tirelessly behind the scenes to try and make the kingdom of Sofmyre even greater than it currently is.

Physical Description

Special abilities

The king of Sofmyre is able to control the color green at any point in time, and as she wishes. Very few people (if any at all) have actually ever seen this power be used.   While the full extent of this power isn't known, it can be a terrying power indeed. It is said that the king carries around a small pouch of green paint if she ever needs to color something for her magic.
Current Location
Year of Birth
568 SRH 26 Years old
Biological Sex
Emerald Green
Long, straight, dark blue.
155 lbs

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