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Crest     Originally residents of Chauria, several people in the past wanted to move away from the kingdom and left to make their own settlement. They started off pretty well, but when Chauria started to take over a lot of land, they decided to enter in a pact with the kingdom, making them affiliated with Chauria once again. While they retained most of their independence, they now have to answer to Chauria whenever they need something. They have regained a little bit of their independence back ever since the Currency Cubes were established, though they are still connected with Chauria, making them share supplies, economy, money, and soldiers.


Being close to the sea has made them fairly proficient in sea battles, though nowhere near as good as Demos's sailors. Their mainland army is what separates them form the rest. While they may have branched off from Chauria's Glass Army, they kept most of their training regiment for their own soldiers. They wanted to focus on a magic that was completely different than glass, so they went with air. After generations of relearning and training, eventually the people of Nevard were very proficient and almost naturally inclined with the element, establishing the Arms of Gale.
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