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Nate Dreyt

Picture     The representative of the Common Faction in Sofmyre, he also happens to be the younger brother of Syla Dreyt. He is willing and eager to help out the common people of Sofmyre; the way in which he would lend his help to everyone that needed it made him become the representative of the faction very quickly, having been the representative since he was 17. While he does have his older sister to rely on, he insists on living on his own without the help of his sister. Due to his position in the faction, there are a few people that think he only has the position thanks to his sister, though a lot more people know he deserves the title.

Physical Description

Special abilities

His type of magic involves his words. So while it's been observed that he can't necessarily use them to charm anyone, he often uses his words to bolster people, make them stronger (or himself), physically hurt someone if need be, though he focuses more on helping rather than hurting.   Because of this (and his nature) he will often be seen helping people in the Common district that possibly need a boost that day or a helping hand.
Current Location
Year of Birth
561 SRH 33 Years old

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