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Mycoid Huma

Picture   The fully matured and rare Mycoid can come from either three of its previous stages, Mycoid Priest, Mycoid Brute, or Mycoid Ravager. The Mycoid Huma looks the most humanoid and is the most intelligent out of all the Mycoid, often leading a pack if there ever is one. It is also the only one that can produce spores to create other Mycoid. This monster is the most fearsome due to it being a combined mixture of the previous stages.   The only Mycoid Huma to ever be catalogued was apparently able to speak, though its goal always seemed to be to find a good spot for its spores and make more Mycoid. Despite being able to evolve from either three of the previous stages, there aren't many sightings of Mycoid Huma. It's speculated that this is in part due to how long it takes for one Mycoid to properly mature. Apparently it takes at least 100 years for a Mycoid to mature enough and become a Mycoid Huma, so considering how often these are hunted, it is no wonder that very few that ever make it that far into their evolution.


Common Myths and Legends

The first Mycoid Huma to ever be recorded was by a researcher in the Pale Druids guild named Camilla Kowalski. An odd Mycoid Priest was found and decidedly captured to try and study it. The process to capturing it was tricky as it seemed to be very intelligent, though after it was captured it didn't resist as much anymore. It was especially cooperative once it realized that the one's that captured it didn't seem to want to harm it. During the study period, more and more layers of mushroom were growing on its head, and it's white-ish flesh started turning more and more bark-like and dark. As it did, it seemed to evolve and eventually was able to start speaking primitively. Once it resembled what we know to be a Mycoid Huma, it explained to the Camilla that it needed to leave for its spores. She wanted to let the Mycoid leave, though this was a very controversial opinion. She was told to keep it captured, however she didn't listen and let the Mycoid out into the forest, making her a type of exile from Sofmyre.     Camilla wasn't seen again for several months, and the Mycoid Huma was never seen again period. It wasn't until those several months had passed that other researchers on an expedition found the scene that they did. They found Camilla's notes about the Mycoid Huma and Mycoid Mins. The notes explained a little more about the Huma, though apparently the Mins and their evolution were told to the Camilla by the Huma, since she wasn't able to live past the spores.   Along with the notes, they also found what they assume to be her body, all shriveled up and covered in leftover dead spores and mushrooms growing out of it. She was next to the shriveled up yet wet tree that look similar to the dead body.

Encompassed species

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