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Picture   This 3 feet tall insect can be seen all over the continent of Ozoris roaming around in search for raw magic to consume for nutrition. While it isn't a big threat, or terribly aggressive, a small swarm of hungry Magiticks can be pretty devastating to a village. Since they only consume magical energy they don't typically end up killing anyone, though some cases have been reported where too much magical energy was consumed from a person and they died as a result.   If there's anything to look out for with these creatures it is their speed and their jumping ability. They can go through a lot of terrain in little time.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

While there is no meat on this insect that would be good to eat, the shell of this insect is often used as a type of skillet to give whatever is cooked inside of it a very unique flavor. The magic from its carapace seeps into the food while it cooks and makes various food slightly sour.

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