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Lotus Guardian

Picture   The sole creatures that guard the aquatic plant Lotus Pitcher. This creature isn't particularly aggressive, though it is incredibly territorial, doing all it can within its power to prevent anything from coming close to a Lotus Pitcher.   As far as the Pale Druids know these creatures only consume Lotus Pitchers, making them not that much of a threat to other people. They also keep themselves alive by constantly hydrating themselves using the Lotus Pitchers' water. While it can go into regular water, it generally doesn't go too deep in, and for some reason they can only hydrate using the Lotus Pitchers. Simply showering them with regular water makes it slide right off.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The plants that make up this creature are often used in various dishes to give it a unique oceanic taste. While killing the creatures aren't necessary to obtain some of the seaweed, most of the time they are hunted down and killed to reap all the rewards that come from it.

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