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Lethal Damage

In order to have a bit more consequence in combat (especially for long term journeys that have multiple scenarios of combat) lethal damage will work a little differently for this campaign.   Lethal damage will be assigned by how much regular damage a creature (or player) deals. For each 5 regular damage above the defendant's 3 defenses (Guard, Toughness, or Resolve) they deal 1 lethal damage. Meaning if the attacker's roll is 10 above the defendant's defense they will deal 2 lethal damage, and so on.   Another extra rule that will be added will be an extra feat that players may take if they wish. It will cost 2 points per feat, and the requirements to have it will be having 3 of any attribute per bought feat. When buying this feat a player must choose an eligible attribute. Once chosen, whenever a player would deal damage with that attribute, the lethal damage dealt to the target is +1.   Example: Alona purchases the feat 3 times, meaning she has spent 6 points on this feat. She chose 2 different attributes for the feat; Energy, and Agility. Her Energy is 6, and her Agility at 4. Since her Agility is only at 4, she can only buy the feat for this attribute once. Now whenever she deals damage with her Agility attribute, she will deal 2 lethal damage instead of only 1 every time she rolls 5 above the target's defenses. Since her Energy is at least 6, she bought the feat for this attribute 2 times. This means that whenever she deals damage with her Energy attribute, she will deal 3 lethal damage instead of 1 whenever she rolls 5 above her target's defenses.   Other than the above rules, lethal damage still functions the same as it normally would, meaning it takes one whole day (or 4 time slots) to heal 1 point X Fortitude of lethal damage. This damage still heals if the player does uninterrupted light activity (uninterrupted meaning no combat, physical training, or mental training).   The "Lethal Strike" and "Extraordinary Healing" feats still function the same way if a player still want these feats.


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