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Kris Losh

Picture     The leader of the Silverleaf army, he is a very honorable and powerful man. Having been born with a natural attunement to swords, he quickly rose up the ranks once he enlisted in the army. He is a man of action and will often take matters into his own hands, solidifying his skill and experience all the more. Because of his years of service as the leader, he is now good friends with the king, and is well received wherever he goes in Sofmyre.

Physical Description

Special abilities

His kind of magic revolves on swords. He can control swords really well, whether that's making them levitate to throw them, or changing their shape, making them sharper, duller, longer, shorter, etc... This limitation doesn't stop at iron/steel swords, as long as the object looks like a sword he can control it. The more an object looks like a sword, the better he can control and change it.
Current Location
Year of Birth
556 SRH 38 Years old

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