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Picture     A Demisent, Fey is different than a lot of the other Demisent. Unlike most, she has quite a bit of magical energy and is attuned to it as well, making her pretty powerful. That being said the power does come with drawbacks. The Saux that she resides in can't hold a lot of magical energy within it due to being damaged (as a result of her creation). This means she needs a type of steady magical supply to keep her functioning, which comes in a big manufactured Bank Stone. Since the Bank Stone can't easily be moved, she can only reside in one place/area at a time. Without this Bank Stone she would likely only last about a day or two at most.   Being a Demisent she doesn't have much free will or emotion, having a blank stare a lot of the time. She does follow orders well, and she seems smarter than the average Demisent.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Cleaning.   Her magic revolves around her huge sniper rifle that she carries around. It folds up when not in use and she carries it in a type of coffin on her back.  

Current Location
Year of Birth
593 (1 years old)

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