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Crest     An odd type of settlement compared to the others, Demos doesn't have a leader. This place is simply a city that takes care of their own. While they don't have any laws per say, the people there are under a type of moral code that everyone follows. If any person goes out of line, then they are promptly dealt with by whoever is closest to them at the time. Bigger problems get solved by multiple people banding together to go fix it.     Demos is mainly a sea-based city, where there are a lot of docks, ships, sailors, fishermen, etc... Because of this they are the main supplier for ships and seafood for the other kingdoms.


While the city of Demos doesn't have any proper army to its name, the entire city itself could be considered an army. Many sailors that live here tend to be fairly powerful because of the conditions they go through at sea, making Demos a city to not be taken lightly. The fact that a person can simply be dispatched the moment they do something out of line can be a powerful deterrent.

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