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Currency Cubes

Currency as it is known today was only implemented by the various kingdoms on the major continent in 386. Before this, local currency was used, but due to trade starting to become more prominent everywhere, the various kingdoms met up and declared a universal currency for the entire continent. All coins were to be manufactured by the neutral kingdom, Insia, though they would still be overseen by a representative of each kingdom.   All coins are precisely a cubic centimeter, thus each coin is a cube. There are four different types of currency circulating the market: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Copper, in that order. Platinum (pc) is the most valuable, while Copper (cc) being the least valuable. to determine their value one must start at Copper (cc), each currency above it gets multiplied by 10.     Table:   1 platinum cube (pc) = 10 gold cubes (gc)   1 gold cube (gc) = 10 silver cubes (sc)   1 silver cube = 10 copper cubes (cc)     Each currency type has their own symbols on two faces of a single cube.   -The platinum cubes have an image of a tree with six branches (3 on each side) coming out of it on one face. The other face shows a circle, with two dots outside of the circle facing West and East, as well as a four pointed star in the middle of he circle.   -The gold cubes also have the image of the tree, but with 4 branches (2 on each side), instead of 6. The other face shows a circle with only the four pointed star in the middle of it.   -The silver cubes have that same tree, but with 2 branches (1 on each side). The other face shows a two pointed star, (pointing West and East) in the middle of the circle.   -The copper cubes only have the tree and no branches. The other face only showing a simple circle.     The way they avoid any contraband being made by other people is by making the currency go through a type of enchanting, so as to leave a type of signature on each cube that can only be made by the magician's in Insia.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
9 - 22 grams
1 cubic centimeter

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