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Chapter 1.0, WRH: Shipment at Afmyre

General Summary

After the player received the briefing for their mission, each of them decided to take an hour to prepare before leaving. Except Aqune. Aqune simply waited at the Southern gate for the other two.   Thunk went to his restaurant and told his staff that he was going off on a mission for the army, feeling quite excited about his first real mission outside of Sofmyre.   Domingo was even more excited because this meant he was one step closer to conquering the world. He went to his lab to say goodbye to his assistant, grabbed a few things and finally left.   After all that, the party met up at the Southern gate and departed Sofmyre for Afmyre, Aqune not feeling terribly comfortable being with these two.   The trip there went pretty smoothly until they encountered some Buzz Bloods along the way. They dispatched them pretty quickly, collected their stingers and moved on.   When they arrived in Afmyre, they immediatly went to the tower as the worn down shacks in the are didn't have much in them. They saw the shipment of Silverleaf, Aqune making sure it was indeed intact. They then decided to go inside the tower to have a look around for the Saux Stone. Thunk opened the door and promptly closed it upon seeing the Low-Spirits. Domingo decided to try and talk to them, so he opened the door and attempted just that. He was answered with a Kamehameha wave of smoke from one of the spirits and a battle soon followed. Thunk grabbed the unconscious Domingo away from the door to heal him and a battle ensued. During the battle Thunk seemingly got really attached to one of the spirits. The spirit however betrayed him and struck Thunk, leading to the spirit's demise.   After the battle Thunk was devastated about his new spirit pal and decided to go outside and spread his ashes to the wind, all the while gravely crying. The rest of the party looked around, found nothing of interest, and decided to head upstairs to the second floor. Thunk leading the party they found 2 spirits on that floor with an electric bomb in the middle of the room. Aqune decided to throw Domingo into the room, and Domingo hit the electric bomb to set it off, dealing a lot of damage to the spirits and barely anything to himself. The battle was short and they moved on to the third floor.   The third floor they found a Clear Slime and dispatched it fairly quickly using a table to make it visible. The found a chest and a key inside this chest. They wondered what to do with it since no one saw the basement on the first floor, so they decided to look around by climbing the building, flying into the air and gliding down to the other shacks. After realizing that there was a door leading to the basement, they thought to unlock it with the key, but Thunk decided to break down the door for the hell of it. This alerted the spirit in the basement and it started attacking. Not before Domingo went to the broken down door to test and see if this key was indeed the one for the basement, which it was.   The spirit now upon them, Domingo simply left it incapacitated, and Thunk was quick to kill it right then and there, making the battle a joke.   Going inside the basement they found the Saux Stone, packed their things and went back to Sofmyre to complete their mission. Once there they explained what had happened in a decent way, and this is when Thunk was struck with an idea.   He wanted to be launched from one of Sofmyre's ballista to see how far he could glide with his glider. The guards were very confused and worried for him, but ultimately they let him do it. Thunk got a big log to stand on and then was promptly launched. Miraculously he survived and made it quite a distance, though he did lose his loin-cloth in the process. After the launch the others went to find him. They did and Aqune went home screaming upon seeing naked Thunk before her. Domingo helped Thunk by lending him his white cloak, and then finally they all went home.

Report Date
19 Jul 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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