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Chapter 1.0, Shipment at Afmyre


After the recent exploits of the players, they are brought together for their first ever mission outside of Sofmyre. It's a rather simple mission; go get the shipment of Silverleaf and a Saux Stone that was left behind because of a sudden Buzz Blood attack on the merchants carrying the goods.   Aqune was to make sure that the shipment wasn't damaged in any way while Domingo and Thunk were there for protection against the potential Buzz Bloods in the area.   Once they left they meet some Buzz Bloods on their way to Afmyre, and once there they see the shipment of Silverleaf intact but the Saux Stone missing. They then needed to head inside the tower to go look for the stone.   Once inside they discover that there are Low-Spirits around. They need to get to the basement but it is locked, the key being at the top of the tower (third floor) where a Clear Slime waits for some kind of prey to arrive.   Once in the basement they discover there is a transforming Low-Spirit that is more dangerous than the previous ones and need to defeat it. Once defeated they find the Saux Stone in one of the jail cells and leave for Sofmyre, completing the mission.

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