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A Cait isn't anything particularly dangerous, it looks like a normal cat most of the time, and it still looks like a cat when in its true form, but it grows 1 foot larger, it's teeth grow and so do its claws. Cait try to blend in with other cats in towns or villages, it then steals a bunch of food, sometimes causing property damage.   Cait are actually fairly shy in nature, and while they aren't typically dangerous some reports say that they have killed other people in the past, though none were ever recorded as the Cait having eaten people, they don't seem to be interested in that kind of meat.   Some reports show that some people actually tamed some Cait and have learned to live with them, the tamed Cait often driving away different more aggressive animals. While this has shown that it can be done, it is very discouraged to do so and in some cities even illegal.

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