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Briggs Hall

The leader of the Macha Wizards, he is a very powerful necromancer. Of course his skills are mainly used to create other Macha, though one would do well in not getting on his had side.   He has been the head of the group for a long time now, and has been part of the Macha Wizards for longer still, spanning almost a century. People have asked him about his long life, but he denies having stopped his mortality saying he simply got lucky one day. He's never explained exactly what that meant.   He mainly keeps to himself and doesn't seem to leave the castle much, though occasionally he will be asked to take care of problems involving Macha or particularly strong spirits.

Physical Description

Special abilities

He's constantly using a version of his magical abilities when creating Sent/Demisent. It is known that he has the power to control electricity, however he's never been seen to call upon it from the clouds, the ground, the air, it seemingly appears out of his fingertips from nothing.   He says he can do more than that with, but that "It's no fun if everyone knows all my secrets, people won't be able to handle all of them!" and won't tell anyone more than that.
Current Location
Year of Birth
471 SRH 123 Years old

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