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Blue Magi

Picture   The third transformation of a Low Spirit, coming from a Bank Feeder. This type of monster is rare due to how long it is needed for a Bank Feeder to be around a Bank Stone and feed on its raw magical energy. This kind if monster looks and almost acts a lot more humanoid than the others. It is speculated that the energy it gathers from a Bank Stone also contains traces of spiritual energy, meaning it slowly gathers more and more spirits inside of itself to finally transform into a Blue Magi. It's almost as if it's a natural and very long process of making a Sent or Demisent. Their behavior further confirms this by seemingly being a mix between a Sent and Demisent.   There have been cases where there might have been attempts to initiate contact and communicate, however it would seem that they are still too monstrous and cannot hold on to reason long enough for it to be anything more than a feeble attempt. As a result it is advise to stay away from these creatures before it succumbs to it's monstrous side and attacks. They are very powerful creatures not to be messed with.

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