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An old outpost/lookout that was mainly used by merchants. It was abandoned due to the creation of the main road leading into Sofmyre.


The tall tower is the main feature of this outpost. This place was once used as a type of short stop for traveling merchants going to or out of Sofmyre; now only a couple of small rundown shacks are left, that and the tower. It is also located outside of the Sofmyre Forest, being about a few dozen kilometers out for the edge of the forest. A tiny well still sits in the middle of these grounds, the hinges slightly rusted from not having been used in a couple dozen years.


While the shacks are made of wood from the forest, the tower is made out of cobblestone. While there may be a bit of moss on it here and there, overall the structure seems to be fine. Standing at around 30 feet tall, and 20 feet wide in circumference, it is easily the most prominent structure on these grounds.


There's some rough grassland around the outpost, though inside the grounds itself is mainly dusty dry dirt. One can still see the trees in the distance, otherwise it is rather flat in the entirety of the area. Not much else can be seen from here, save for the tiny village to the north-west if one climbs the to top of the tower.

Outpost / Base
Paddra Sil Sofmyre
Owning Organization
Silverleaf army
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